About Diamond Shot Studio

NYC Commercial Fashion Photographers

Diamond Shot Studio (DSS) was launched in 2009 by former Ralph Lauren photographer, Marcin Muchalski. DSS of today is owned by a husband and wife duo, Marcin and Sabrina. Contractually, we work closely with another great photographer, Evan Gunville.

In result, we are two troopers with cameras and a power lady. In the studio, we specialize in commercial fashion imagery. Independently we can do much more (to see our individual special skills visit our personal websites).




Our Studio Space

We are set up in an inspiring, old-New-York-style space in Long Island City where we can do pretty much anything. Nourished over the years, the studio has grown from 300 to 3000 sq/ft of space. Driven, creative, practical and idealistic, we take shooting seriously.

Diamond Shot Studio is where commitment and pragmatism come together. We find solace in good work and quality cigars.